The glorious days of August are here when Newport is finally warm enough to swim. I thought it might be fun to put together a collection of favorites around the island. I have Liza and Holley at the shop to thank for half this list and of course for the details on surfing!

The Second Part of Second Beach

This Middletown beach boasts soft, powdery sand, cool waves and is nearly almost always clean of red tide seaweed (unlike Newport’s sister beach, Easton’s Beach, aka First Beach). This, in my opinion, is the quintessential picturesque New England beach. Maybe it’s the tower of St. George’s in the background or the dune fencing or that I grew up here with generations of family days on end in summer, but this is my favorite place for a full beach day. 


Between First Beach and Second Beach is Tuckerman's which holds the perfect spot for a beach picnic with the large flat rocks it has to offer! If you drive down the little dirt road and walk down the path, you will discover empty beauty looking out to Cliff Walk and First beach. The surfing here gets really good. Right off of the point lies a reef which with the right swell direction can make for a really fun wave! 

Ledge Road

This is the perfect spot to hangout on the rocks and even jump off of them into the water. Right at the end of the Cliff walk and off of Bellevue, you get the quiet serene Newport view without the crowds! Side note: On full moon nights I have heard (okay, and maybe participated in) people showing up in groups and howling at the moon here… I have no idea why this is a thing, but it’s fun if you’re up for a little howling!  

Gooseberry Beach

Perfect for your classic summer day! This is a private beach club which also offers day passes to the public where you can enjoy all it has to offer! Their snack shack has one of the best burgers in town and an extensive list of ice cream flavors! This little cove is perfect for kayaking or paddle boarding. It’s well protected and has rocks off of the beach you can paddle to and explore!  

Secret Beach

This slightly tricky to find rocky beach is particularly gorgeous in late afternoon when you can watch (from afar) all of the boats heading back toward the harbor for the day. You can find it by parking at Brenton Point (be sure to grab a Del's) and then walk toward Castle Hill Inn. Look for the breaks in the tall grass and vines and then walk down one of the dirt paths.  

Elm Street Pier

So this is not my favorite place to swim because I am a big baby when it comes to night swimming, BUT if you’re up for a past sunset dip, this is your spot.


A few things to note about Newport, our incredible coastline and all the beaches. Swim at your own risk and be really careful if you’re going to do it. Carry out what you carry in and be so respectful to the land, sea and neighbors. This island is such a treasure, we hope you will care for it as much as we do!

Co-written by Kristen Coates
Liza Toppa & Holley Toppa

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