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The Sunday Night Digest = me + a possible glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into future happenings. You're Welcome

My latest Confetti commission measures 48 x 60 and heads to its forever home this week

Today, although a bit gloomy, started to feel like spring at our house. The glow of green moss on bricks and the roof and even part of the siding (which very badly wishes to be painted soon), is omnipresent. Michael says it’s almost phosphorescent and I have to agree. We started making our list for our outdoor upgrades and gardening to dos. I can't wait to share it with you this spring. 

Sofia in our breezeway/kitchen alongside Gianluca by artist William Heydt

We only moved into our new home four weeks ago so although we are not totally sure what to expect in the coming seasons, we look forward to it all. Sofia and Mabel have surely loved having an enclosed yard and let's face it, complete rule of the house. 

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Having spent this last year not traveling abroad we have found the new Stanley Tucci series Finding Italy a real treat to enjoy at home. Tonight I am making something delicious from the book Vegetariano to enjoy before the show, but I haven't figured out exactly what yet. Thanks for the wine delivery Point Wine & Spirits - the perfect compliment to dinner tonight!

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And then there’s this work of art. Drive & Listen (best on a desk top) I hope they do one for Newport for all our friends that haven't been able to make it here in the last year!

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A curated selection of pieces are available through our design services 

Speaking of art. After such an insanely busy holiday season and our big move, it was good to rest a moment on posting new work online and over social channels. I'm thrilled to have finished a dozen commissions and will be posting all new work both by me and other artists this week and even a few behind the scenes moments of some projects I am working on these days. I’m hopeful with warmer weather on the way we will be able to have the doors and store open soon. And until then I’ll be sharing some in home installations, a few ideas on styling a small colonial dining room (mine!) without looking like a period film set and of course all the beautiful things I have in store at the shop this season. 

Happy weekend from our family to yours

The Shop Stats 
Top artist this week Kristen Coates - Thank you!
Most viewed piece this week Second Beach By Luke Brenner 
Most viewed non-art item this week Kristen Coates Candles (I don't blame you!)

Composed while listening to the movie Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood. I love this movie (the end is a little brutal) although it's from a different era from when I lived in the Hollywood Hills, not much has changed in the aesthetics. And I am enjoying an Aperol Spritz because, it's almost summer?!

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  • Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your new home!

    Linda Rakolta on

  • Thanks for this! Love “drive and listen” thanks for turning us on to it! Have a great week :)

    Bob Schildt on

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