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The week between Christmas and New Years always gives me pause. I find it to be a wonderful time of reflection, letting go of what was never meant to be or no longer serving and of course, completely filled with hope for the new year. I think we are all feeling it even more this year!

2020 has been filled with so many lovely high points and so much goodness. In January I started my travel art residency project and found myself in Philadelphia, New Orleans and Miami where I began my On Holiday paintings, finished up my Love Letter Series and had a beautiful opening at the shop Valentine’s Day week. We of course closed our doors just after, but it was great to have one really good party at the shop this year!

Next up, the completion and ultimately the opening of Hammetts Hotel where I was responsible for curating over 100 pieces of artwork including the inaugural exhibition at the Sarah Langley Gallery in collaboration with The Boys & Girls Club of Newport. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a talented group. The opportunity was amazing all around! 

Other highlights from the year include record time spent with Michael and Sofia. Moving my candle production to a third party because our production became too big to continue in-house. Commissioned artwork for Newport Restaurant Group's Bar ‘Cino Brookline, which I have yet to see installed, but I do look forward to seeing at my next chance.  Michael and I attended our first socially distanced wedding this summer. Spent time on Lake Michigan with family, again at a responsible distance and very well masked. Plus back in Newport, lots of hours on Ocean Drive at the beach - you can see a whole bunch of seascapes and skycapes inspired by this time. The design side of my career picked up this spring and has continued to unfold over the balance of the year and I am just so happy about it. I somehow managed to put the entire store online and launched a new, more accessible site this fall making it easier to shop remotely, pick up curbside and schedule appointments. Sofia welcomed Mabel home! And This transmission here is my 35th SND of the year, a record for me!

Image credit: Maaike Bernstrom 

It wouldn’t be a proper year end note without mentioning the immense gratitude I feel. The amount of support my business has had to keep it all going beautifully is simply incredible. Thank you for all of your sweet notes, the wonderful response to my Instagram stories and every last purchase made all year long whether it was in-store, online or at a distance from the back door of the shop. We made it happen and for that I will always look back as this year with love and admiration for all that was made possible by our little community filled with hope and inspiration.

So with that dear friends. I wish you the very best in the coming year. I might be a bit quiet for the next couple of weeks, not from a long winters nap, but between design projects, commissions and a rather exciting move (home, not shop), I’ll likely keep my online presence a bit low key. The store will be open by appointment only and online always, so don’t worry there!

And a little gift from me to you: we are in the final hours of our year end sale of 20% off everything and free shipping with code THANKS2020. Plus! Don’t miss our biggest online auction here. If you don’t have Instagram, or prefer to bid over text, send me a note (401) 684-0211 it’s super easy!

Happy weekend from our family to yours

The Shop Stats 
Top artists this year: Michael J. Paddon, Kent Maxwell and Luke Brenner. I made more than 200 paintings and we only have a few in the gallery so I guess that puts counts too. I can’t wait for this new year to get started on a few new series and at a new home studio.
Most popular items in the shop this year: our candles, thank you! 
Top selling candles this year: Oysters & Champagne, Mermaids of Newport, Newport Tree Lighting
Most searched words on the website: Painting, Italy, Sofia (so cute!), Capri, Candle, Mermaid and Bread (bread, people? what's going on!)

Composed while listening to Elvis' Christmas Album, because it's the last chance! while sipping some beautiful Nouveau Beaujolais from our friends at Grapes & Gourmet. 

For those making appointments for curbside pickup and in-store shopping, please be kind, wear a mask and keep some space so we can all feel safe. And if you have any symptoms of feeling unwell go ahead and stay home. We will ship your order to you for free! 

If you are receiving this on a day that is not Sunday, it's because our email system sends out a second time, later in the week, to those that have not opened their email on Sunday...

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