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This weekend was a big one for us. Not only are we starting to gradually reopen the store (for shop hours: think warmer days with the doors open and by appointment otherwise), but I also became eligible for a Covid vaccine and got the single dose shot. I think this is the first time severe asthma has gotten me anywhere. As I was sitting in the observation area post injection (by the way, major bravo to all those organizing this effort at the old Bennys - I was in and out in 40 minutes), someone started playing "Walking on Sunshine" and I had a few happy tears thinking about the loss suffered this last year, but with a little hope, there's something to look forward to just around the corner. 

Image credit La Bandita

Because of my impromptu vaccine appointment which resulted in almost 20 hours of sleep, I had to cancel something I was really looking forward to doing (and will reschedule), but I want to share with you anyway. La Bandita and their chef, Chef David Mangan, are hosting virtual pasta making classes. Now, as I said, I have to reschedule my class, but I highly recommend this based on my experience eating Chef David's food with Michael a couple of years ago. Pure magic. Plus, it feels really nice to support a business hit hard even if it's just a class from afar. Send a note to John, the marvelous hotel owner, here to schedule your class. You won't regret it! Chef's kiss. 

Image credit Castle Hill
If you're looking for something more local, I saw this image posted on Instagram from my friends at Castle Hill and was thrilled to be reminded the daffodils are almost here. Although Castle Hill won't be hosting their annual Easter egg hunt, they are offering three course, socially distanced Easter dinners. I can't tell you how much I look forward to returning to indoor dining at all our local establishments. I can almost taste the chips and Sancerre overlooking the terrace at Castle Hill

Image credit Summer Wheat 

One of my favorite artists, Summer Wheat, is curating a group show titled 'High Contrast' alongside her solo show at Shulamit Nazarian running March 20 - May 1. I am not sure I am totally up for travel yet, but this show might inspire me to do so, just to see Summer's work and this piece, Glossolalists by Sarah Peters.

Happy weekend from our family to yours

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