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We are all in this thing together

This week has been a super whirlwind of work, work and other work and with the shop closed, it feels more behind the scenes than ever. As Hammetts Hotel is well along their home stretch to opening this summer, I spent most of the beginning of the week working on final presentations for the last few pieces of art being decided for the lobby and common areas. I am going to wait to share some of the selections, but I love this hotel and their spirit for all things Newport. I think you will too. 

New work in the gallery and online

I spent much of the week working on candles, receiving new inventory and painting. I can’t seem to paint enough these days. Is it me or is time moving on a different schedule? Why is that? Have we collectively decided that keeping our normal schedule is just less important these days? I think so. And I think I am allotting much more time to the things I love to do than the things I don’t like doing and I am not even sure why I was doing for so long at all. I’ll spare the details, but somehow I am happier with the schedule I have now. 

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You may have noticed some new photos online and on my Instagram. I have been working with HEYDT + MASON for the last few weeks building a stock of stylized photographs. It has been a wonderful experience to see my work through the lens of this creative pair. Read more about them in my 10 Questions blog post with Bernadette Heydt and if you’re looking for some digital creative content I highly recommend.

Photo courtesy of Le Feu de l'Eau
Friday afternoon I had a large vial of blood drawn to test for antibodies to Covid. The results arrived surprisingly quick and by Saturday morning I was feeling super deflated when they came back negative. I had no idea how much I was hoping I had the antibodies by some miraculous chance until I learned I did not have them. Now, I know we are not going to collectively rely solely on antibodies, but having asthma and a retail store it would be a great line of defense and gave me a a false sense of hope of reopening to the public very soon. It was then that I realized how much I miss my store. I miss people coming in just to see Sofia, my friends waving hello on their morning run, artists and clients and strangers passing and stopping in to grab a quick gift, a major piece of art or just a greeting card. I miss you. I feel like I broke up with a part of my life that I didn't realize how much I missed until I saw a real chance of getting back together again. It was this feeling that made me face what I can do to get back in the store. 


It’s a work in progress, like anything in my life really, but I think the best I can do is hope that numbers continue to go down as the Governor foresees happening and assume I will start by taking appointments later this month or more likely in early June. It seems overly cautious, but I would rather move at a slower pace and ensure the safety of myself and my clients as best I can. I didn’t know I was going to share all of this. But alas. Here it is in my weekly journal post for the Sunday Night Digest newsletter. I am so grateful to have this outlet and to continue to be able to share with you even though we are not together in the store. The beautiful notes of hope you have shared with me, the outpouring of online orders and response to this hopefully temporary way of doing business with back door pickups and free shipping (use FREESHIP at checkout) has meant the world to me and I feel so lucky to be apart of your world. I’m excited to get to the next chapter, but for now I hope you will enjoy all the new inventory, art and objects coming your way today and in the coming weeks. 


 Happy weekend from our family to yours
Sofia seems to be enjoying her first home haircut! 
Much love XO Kristen


The Shop Stats
Most overall viewed on website this week Normalcy by Nancy Parsons
Best seller this week artwork by Kristen Coates - thank you!
New work online from me... with so many more coming this week!
Composed while sipping an Aperol Spritz

A note to those waiting on orders: Everything is shipping on time with the paint kits meant to ship early June. I appreciate your patience as my vendors and I adjust to delayed shipping and broken supply chains. All other orders are shipping very much on time. We will have linen masks, chocolate bars, candy and new paint kits in stock over the next two weeks and they will ship on time!

A major thank you to all of those working on the front lines. Healthcare workers, cashiers, delivery, first responders - I have been in awe how so many have come to our aid in order for us to stay home. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

If you are receiving this on a day that is not Sunday, it's because our email system sends out a second time, later in the week, to those that have not opened their email on Sunday...

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  • Hi Babe! You rock! I’ll see you this week, want more Art! & Additionally, need your help hanging our new Art works from you & others. Not sure where to put it!
    Love, Kara

    Kara Malkovich on

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